Hi, I’m Abi Raja. I’m a designer and developer based in New York City.

Here's some of my work.

Here's what my clients are saying

Catherine Lu
Product Manager @ Datavisor
We wanted to re-design our web app for a long time to achieve a polished visual style and to refactor our code base (by implementing re-usable frontend components). We were having a really hard time finding someone with both a great design sense and a strong engineering background. Abi was able to fit our needs and more. We couldn't be happier with the end-result of our collaboration.
Hareesh Ganesan
COO @ TowerView Health
Abi developed two tools to better manage our internal operations. We were constantly impressed with his strong technical skills in any web framework he worked with. We also really appreciated his drive to think deeply about our product use cases to make sure that his designs would scale as we grow. We'd love to work with Abi again!
I have a computer science degree from Stanford University with an emphasis in Human-Computer Interaction.

I previously founded PeerCDN, which was acquired by Yahoo!, Inc, where I re-built the world's fourth largest video player from scratch.

I have over 10+ years experience building web apps, and I'm a co-founder of the San Francisco Design Meetup.
I work with companies on software architecture, development, setting up best practices, user interface design, and a wide variety of other technical and design challenges.

I work remotely but communicate frequently and clearly with all stakeholders on a project. I live in New York City and I'm happy to meet in person for check-ins if you're in the area. I used to live in San Francisco and frequently visit.

Here are some technologies I work with frequently: React Native/Expo, node.js, HTML/CSS, React.
Pricing & Availability
I charge an hourly rate of $150 for projects, I traditionally handle product design as well as implementation.

I'm currently booked up and next available in late November 2017.

But do say hi in the meantime if you think we'd enjoy working together in the future. I'm always down to meet interesting people and companies.
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